Friday, May 4, 2012

An organizing quickie - cord storage

THIS IS NOT AN ORGANIZING BLOG! (If I tell myself that enough, I'll stop).

I've had this idea pinned for a while - referenced in this post.

We have a side table with a nice, deep drawer that I have been storing cords and cables in.  Last year, I bundled each one in a binder clip and wrote on the clip what it was.  Thought I organized it. 

Opened the drawer to find the portable DVD cord a few months ago, and was faced with this:

SO, I found a box from my last Pampered Chef order, and loaded it with toilet paper tubes I had been saving.

 This box ended up being just for USB  to???? stuff.  Most of it I have no idea what it goes to.  I wrote on the ones I knew, and then just made sure on the others the non-USB side was up when I put them in so I could match to the electronic at a glance by size.  Hopefully.
 P.S. it's hard to write inside a tp tube.  FYI.


 In the process, I found this victim of doggie chewing.  Why did we put it in the drawer instead of the garbage when it was discovered?  The dogs didn't get in the drawer and chew it.  SOMEONE had to put it back in there. ???? 

 I still had a bunch of wall (outlet) to electronics cords that wouldn't fit in the box.  Good thing I had ordered two sets of bamboo bowls!  Pulled the other box out, left those in their binder cord bundles, and dropped them in!

Now, much, much better!

P.S.S. please forgive the photography.  Since Picnik closed last month, I haven't had a chance to look for a new free photo editing software.   There's a lot on there you didn't need to see! :)

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