Friday, July 27, 2012

Merida Madness! Memories, games, recipes, and crafts!

One of the highlights of our trip to Disney World for the girls was meeting Merida.  It has become Merida madness around here!

Before we ever left, I was doing some Disney blog stalking and found a post with pictures containing the Merida collection.  Little Princess chose a doll first from the pictures, and that was the first thing she wanted to do when we got there:  meet Merida and buy her doll.

If you are heading to meet Merida, a hint for you.  Go at rope drop!  She started meeting people at 9:30, so we went straight and got in line.  The line was always long when we were there, the week before the movie released.  Probably longer now.  The only thing about this time, as you can see from the first picture, is that the shadows from the trees make for not so great pictures!

They were promoting the movie rather heavily while we were at WDW, of course.  We came home with a few fun FREE souvenirs, like badges and postcards.

In Epcot, they had an area set up called Highland Games.  The girls got to practice their archery again, toss some "logs" and
 haggis, and do some flipping of something or other. The logs were foam covered in brown fabric, haggis was cornhole!  Easily translated to party games!  We really had a lot of fun.  There was also a playground nearby, canopies set up, and comfy chairs.  Dear Husband was quite willing to let the girls play to their hearts content while he rested in the shade!

The archery part actually warmed my heart.  My dear Daddy was a huge archer, and it was something he would have loved to have seen.  Big Princess came home and wanted to try out his bows and arrows.  Once my big brother comes in, I'll let him show her the ropes.  It's a connection that made me teary eyed!

Why do we love Merida and Brave?
1. There is a spirit in her that we all appreciate.

2.  It's very realistic about mother/daughter relationships.  Big Princess will be 13 in 2 months, and we could have had some of those same conversations.

3.  Since she loved Hunger Games, the archery aspect pulled Big Princess in.  Plus, she could identify with Merida's big old messy hair.  They had a conversation about controlling the frizz in the Florida humidity!

4.  The music was GREAT!

5.  Little Princess loved it.  Just because.

6.  This was the first movie my mom ever went with us to see.

I will also admit that the movie was fairly graphic a few times.  Enough so that I was uncomfortable.  We're not big on violence.  I found that to mostly be the beginning, once we got past it, it was GREAT!

Brave Backpack CollectionSo now, the Merida madness continues.  Little Princess will be sporting this Brave backpack and lunch box in Kindergarten this year.  I love that packing her lunch will bring back memories of a wonderful trip!  By the way, the backpack is on sale right now for $15.00 on Disney Store. com.  I have no affiliation with them, other than the fact it's my favorite place to shop! :)

To keep the fun going, here is a roundup of activities, printables, recipes, and crafts!

I was too excited to find this pin from skip to my lou about making a PVC bow and arrow.  I think hubby might be commissioned to do this.  The girls would love it.

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

And I just found this sensory tub from Counting Coconuts.  I love her blog.  LOVE. her. blog. And I cannot wait to put this together!

Views from the Ville has some great printables and cut outs.  I see a game of coin archery in my future!


Thinking about having a Brave party?  You have GOT to check out Printabelle.  FREE stationary, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, and much, much more!  I am thinking lunch box notes and encouragement notes for the princesses!

Have you seen Disneybound's clothing ideas?  AMAZING.  Contemporary looks that emulate characters.  LOVE this Merida look.  I can see Big Princess rocking this!

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

Want some BRAVE inspired foods?  

Disney family  has a Scottish sweet roll recipe.  You know, what those pesky brothers kept eating?  While you are there, check out all the other GREAT BRAVE printables, activities, and recipes, like Chocolate Bear Paws.  Crowns, cutouts, you name it.  Here is there Top ten .

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

If you are incorporating a study of Scotland into your life, or if you are really BRAVE, you can try out some of the Scottish recipes from Cooking Channel TV.


I could really see a BRAVE themed party being a big hit with the boys and girls.  And if you are like me with a fairly big age split in your kiddos, you could have a Hunger Games/BRAVE party and incorporate teens and tots!