Friday, May 11, 2012

End of school gifts for children, teachers, and students

I am up to my ears in gifts right now.  I have Teacher Appreciation Week gifts bagged and ready to go with us today, some went earlier in the week.  Mother's Day gifts to Grandmothers from the girls are not ready, because it's been to rainy to spray paint.  And we only have 8.5 days left in school this year! YAHOO!!!!!!

Here's a rundown of all that I have planned, as far as gifts. Celebrations will be in a separate post.   Add in t-ball and softball games, graduation parties, finalizing all my grades and end of school duties, and I am a mess!  Decided to post my plans and projects ahead of time so that anyone who wants to get a head start can.  I know we get out earlier than most, we started on the 10th of August because we usually have 10+ snow days a year.  We had a total of two this year.

End of year testing gift
We are finishing up our standardized testing.  Big Princess has had two, and we studied and prepared but not overly stressed on those, she has 96-98 averages in those classes.  But Math - I want to tell you to solve your own problems, Mr. Algebra, I am not your therapist.  Math was my weakest subject, and is hers, too.  We're working hard, as is her teacher,  to get her ready.  For her math standardized test day, I'm making her a couple of goodies. 
Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

This one is designed for the first day of school, but I am going to make it for test day.  Changing it to "You're one Smart Cookie.  You've got this!"
Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

This one is cute, too, but a little too primary for my 7th grader:

 On-going project for the end of the year:
This is one that I am super excited about.  I fell in LOVE with this idea from Lisa's Workshop.  I ordered each of the girls a copy of Oh, the Places You'll go  by Dr. Seuss from Amazon. 

I am going to sneak it to their teachers and have them sign it, leave a message if they desire. I wish I had known about this when Big Princess was in kindergarten, one of her teachers has passed away, and a couple are no longer at our school.  But I am going to get whom I can for her, and will have Little Princess's pre-k teachers sign her book.  There is copy you can add in your note to the teachers explaining this on Lisa's site.  I will do this each year, and then give them to the girls when they graduate from high school.  One of my high school English teachers gave me this when I graduated, I babysat for her, and I cherish it!  The challenge will be keeping them hidden, and yet being able to find them each year! 

End of year teacher gift
Since we just did teacher appreciation, I won't do other gifts this year.  Next year, if we actually get snow so there is a little time span there,  and Little Princess only has 1 teacher, I will do this, because I think it rocks!  Beach towel, sunscreen, magazine, candies.  I would add a can of Off bug spray, with a note saying Relax and Enjoy your time Off:  

End of year gift for students or classmates:
This is what I am making to give my students.  Budget's tight and has to be spread around all these gifts, so it's not much.  Would be a cute classmate gift, also.  Our tag is going to read :Kindergarten has been Krazy!  Have a Kool summer.  Totally incorrect for spelling, but we believe in alliteration. :)



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