Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

I will unashamedly admit to a self-service post.  Not because I am a teacher, but because I am trying to organize my ideas! 

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  And Mother's Day.  How did I let these two slip up on me?  YIKES!  Gonna be a crafty, busy week around here!

Big Princess is leaving the elementary school this year.  Little Princess is finishing her first year at our school in Pre-K. So it's a big year, and I want to be sure we end it giving the teachers the thanks they deserve.  I KNOW how hard they work, and the challenges my princesses give them.  I also know how hard it is to teach teachers' kids. :)  But between the two of them, there are a LOT of teachers to recognize!  It can't be expensive! Here's my list, hoping you get some inspiration for quick, cheap inexpensive, and easy. :)

Pre-K teacher and teacher assistant.
I thought about this one with a "thanks for helping me bloom".  It's on the short list. I have plenty of jars, can get some magnets quick and inexpensively.

Also on the short list, I like the fact these can be planted.  I'll have to see what's in the stores!

Big Princess hope she won't think she's too cool for this.  Ugh.

*Math teacher - Yankee Candle w/ tag saying "Thanks for shining light on Algebra on my darkest days!"
 Math is her nemesis.  I've been to her teacher many times, she stays for tutoring after school, goes to her during the day.  It's been a tough year. 

*Science teacher - They dissected frogs this year.  Big Princess will never forget it!  I'm going to hunt for some frog papers, erasers, pens, etc. and do a tag that says "Thanks for a leapin' good year!

*Civics and PE teachers - Both male.  Both golfers. A three pack of golf balls and a pack of tic tacs"I've had a ball, it's mint a lot!"

English teacher - Her favorite.  They have a lot of fun in there, analyzing song lyrics, etc.   She loves a soft drink that unless you live near me, you've probably never heard of - Sun Drop.  Giving her a 12 pack and a "Thanks for being a drop of sun in my day!"

Both girls have the same teachers for "specials", with the exception of music.  Big Princess doesn't have it any longer, but had her for 4 years!

Librarian - A fellow Disney lover.  I have a silicon Mickey Mouse muffin mold. Going to make  brownies and package them in a baggie with the tag reading "It's been sweet to share books and Mickey magic with you"

Art -  Inspired by this gift on Tatertots and jello, I'm going to fill a plain paper craft bag with oranges and use her Creative Juices tag.  One one side, I'm going to have have big princess write and decorate "Without Art, the Earth would be Eh."  She loves to write and decorate letters.  On the other side, Little Princess can decorate.

Music -  Going to get a cheaper candle (remember, inexpensive) and decoupage some sheet music on it.  Tag "Thanks for lighting up our days with song."

Computer - We have two computer lab teachers, one male, one female.  Both drink a lot of water during the day.  I'm going to print these keyboards and decoupage onto a tile for a coaster for their desk.  Tag will read "Thanks for helping us with the keys to technology"

Feel free to check out my Give Me pinterest board for more ideas!

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