Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quest for the cape - The Power of Words

Yesterday, I posted about my guilt in not spending the quality time with my daughters, the "do it all mom" saga.   The last line of the post, I mentioned looking for my cape. You know, the superhero cape that will allow me to be the perfect working mom.

Well, I thought about that ALL day yesterday.  It's up to ME to put on my cape, consciously, daily, moment by moment.  Every word and action can be a donning of the cape. Being a supermom isn't all about scaling tall buildings in a single leap, or the dramatic tower rescue.  It's about building that support scaffolding to get there, one nail at a time. Sometimes, carrying your children on your strong back.  Sometimes holding their hands and building together.  Sometimes, letting them lead, being there to support and catch them if they fall.

Putting on my cape yesterday with Big Princess meant saying "I'll be right there to look, honey" instead of "I'm busy right now."  It means the same thing, but the message comes across sooo differently. Busy = putting something else first. Be right there = you are important to me.

Putting on my cape yesterday with Little Princess meant reading the bedtime story, even if we were late getting to bed and I was exhausted. It took 5 minutes, and we ended the night sweetly rather than with tears if I had said it was too late, and the tears would have lasted more than 5 minutes.

Today, we're going to do some purging of items in the girls' rooms.  It could be emotional for us all.  Little Princess is a hoarder, and hates to get rid of anything.  Big Princess hates cleaning and organizing.  The end result (which I have NO misconception that will be accomplished in one day) will be worth it.  Putting on my cape today will mean patience and understanding.  It will also mean compromise, some creative problem solving.  And a lot of energy.

Thinking about all that gets back into leaping tall buildings with a single bound thoughts, and they aren't good for this superhero mom.  So I am going to think about my words today.  Just. my. words.  I love this list of 19 things to say to children .   More on the power of words:

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