Friday, July 27, 2012

Merida Madness! Memories, games, recipes, and crafts!

One of the highlights of our trip to Disney World for the girls was meeting Merida.  It has become Merida madness around here!

Before we ever left, I was doing some Disney blog stalking and found a post with pictures containing the Merida collection.  Little Princess chose a doll first from the pictures, and that was the first thing she wanted to do when we got there:  meet Merida and buy her doll.

If you are heading to meet Merida, a hint for you.  Go at rope drop!  She started meeting people at 9:30, so we went straight and got in line.  The line was always long when we were there, the week before the movie released.  Probably longer now.  The only thing about this time, as you can see from the first picture, is that the shadows from the trees make for not so great pictures!

They were promoting the movie rather heavily while we were at WDW, of course.  We came home with a few fun FREE souvenirs, like badges and postcards.

In Epcot, they had an area set up called Highland Games.  The girls got to practice their archery again, toss some "logs" and
 haggis, and do some flipping of something or other. The logs were foam covered in brown fabric, haggis was cornhole!  Easily translated to party games!  We really had a lot of fun.  There was also a playground nearby, canopies set up, and comfy chairs.  Dear Husband was quite willing to let the girls play to their hearts content while he rested in the shade!

The archery part actually warmed my heart.  My dear Daddy was a huge archer, and it was something he would have loved to have seen.  Big Princess came home and wanted to try out his bows and arrows.  Once my big brother comes in, I'll let him show her the ropes.  It's a connection that made me teary eyed!

Why do we love Merida and Brave?
1. There is a spirit in her that we all appreciate.

2.  It's very realistic about mother/daughter relationships.  Big Princess will be 13 in 2 months, and we could have had some of those same conversations.

3.  Since she loved Hunger Games, the archery aspect pulled Big Princess in.  Plus, she could identify with Merida's big old messy hair.  They had a conversation about controlling the frizz in the Florida humidity!

4.  The music was GREAT!

5.  Little Princess loved it.  Just because.

6.  This was the first movie my mom ever went with us to see.

I will also admit that the movie was fairly graphic a few times.  Enough so that I was uncomfortable.  We're not big on violence.  I found that to mostly be the beginning, once we got past it, it was GREAT!

Brave Backpack CollectionSo now, the Merida madness continues.  Little Princess will be sporting this Brave backpack and lunch box in Kindergarten this year.  I love that packing her lunch will bring back memories of a wonderful trip!  By the way, the backpack is on sale right now for $15.00 on Disney Store. com.  I have no affiliation with them, other than the fact it's my favorite place to shop! :)

To keep the fun going, here is a roundup of activities, printables, recipes, and crafts!

I was too excited to find this pin from skip to my lou about making a PVC bow and arrow.  I think hubby might be commissioned to do this.  The girls would love it.

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

And I just found this sensory tub from Counting Coconuts.  I love her blog.  LOVE. her. blog. And I cannot wait to put this together!

Views from the Ville has some great printables and cut outs.  I see a game of coin archery in my future!


Thinking about having a Brave party?  You have GOT to check out Printabelle.  FREE stationary, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, and much, much more!  I am thinking lunch box notes and encouragement notes for the princesses!

Have you seen Disneybound's clothing ideas?  AMAZING.  Contemporary looks that emulate characters.  LOVE this Merida look.  I can see Big Princess rocking this!

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

Want some BRAVE inspired foods?  

Disney family  has a Scottish sweet roll recipe.  You know, what those pesky brothers kept eating?  While you are there, check out all the other GREAT BRAVE printables, activities, and recipes, like Chocolate Bear Paws.  Crowns, cutouts, you name it.  Here is there Top ten .

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

If you are incorporating a study of Scotland into your life, or if you are really BRAVE, you can try out some of the Scottish recipes from Cooking Channel TV.


I could really see a BRAVE themed party being a big hit with the boys and girls.  And if you are like me with a fairly big age split in your kiddos, you could have a Hunger Games/BRAVE party and incorporate teens and tots!


So, yeah.  I went MIA.  It's been wonderful.  It's been relaxing.  IT CAN'T BE OVER!

Truth about summer #1.  Disney World is the most magical place on Earth. 

Truth about summer #2.  Disney's Hilton Head Island is a close second.

Truth about summer #3.  Camping in our new vintage travel trailer is amazing. 

Truth about summer #4.  Recovering from last school year has been a longer process than anticipated. 

Truth about summer #5.  While I didn't do all I planned, there are snippets of goodness around.

Truth about summer #6.  Now that I have recovered, I am ready for summer to start.  Too bad I only have 2 weeks left!

Truth about summer #7.  If I am going to accomplish anything, I have to have a schedule.

Truth about summer #8.  My house looks worse than when school was in session.  See post #7.

Truth about summer #9.  I am so not ready for Big Princess to go to high school.

Truth about summer #10.  I am so not ready for Little Princess and I to start kindergarten!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday 2

This week was hectic.  Digging deep here!!

Mountaintop picnics

Hikes in the woods, with a surprise "waterfall" in the creek that Little Princess called 
"the golden treasure"

My mom who takes such good care of me, watches the princesses when I need her to.

Softball season being OVER for Big Princess.  They were the season champs!
Glad to have one less thing on the calendar!

Great friends, good conversations, and our children being friends.

Bedtime snuggles

Summer vacation officially starting for me!

15 days until WDW!!!!!

 Big princess learning how to get my coffee ready for delay brew! 

When is enough enough? Do I have enough?

This week I have been working on curriculum and pacing guides for next year for kindergarten.  Our state is one of the few hold outs that has not adopted the common core and is still revising and assessing our own state standards. 

Our English standards are getting increasingly harder, as are Math.  Science changed up this year, too.  I can see that the focus there is going to developing inquiring minds, observing, experimenting recording.  I think these are all good things, very good things. English is adding a focus on collaboration and vocabulary development as well as enhanced writing skills.  Again, in and of themselves, good things.  I see the basis for many of the new standards and the tweaking of the old standards to be more in line with the 21st century skills.  All good things. 

BUT, here is where I am in panic mode.  There are not enough hours in my school day to accomplish all that needs to be done.  I could EASILY spend 2.5 hours a day on English/reading/writing/literacy.  And a good hour and a half on math.  Science, a good hour.  History/"social sciences" another hour.  That's 6 hours.  Add in playtime, lunch, and specials, and that add up to 7.5 hours.  Oh wait, they need transition time, bathroom time, snack time, walking to and from cafeteria and specials, packing up and unpacking, lunch orders, etc.  Now we are up to at least 8.  We are only in school for 6.5.  HOW do I fit it all in???

And on top of that, lets add to the mix the fact that many of my students are just turning 5 this summer and have the accompanying, age appropriate, short attention span.  Some have never been away from home.  They need a lot of help, guidance with procedures, social skills, etc. Some have never touched a computer.  Some have never wiped themselves. 

When do they get to just be kids?  I am really sad when I think about Little Princess starting kindergarten this year.  I am excited because I know how much she will learn. I know they are like sponges. She learned soo much in pre-k, is doing great sounding out CVC words.  She has a head start, like the others in her class.  But I know the pace of K is now frantic at times.   Can she handle it?  Can any of them?  Can I?

Sometimes, I think it's time to change grades.  Part of me thinks if I had older students, I wouldn't feel like I am pushing so hard.  They would have had a year of school.  They would be older, and maybe I wouldn't feel so much like I am being asked to climb a mountain whose foundation isn't strong enough.  

So now, I know I am going to spend my summer vacation working, obsessing, and stressing.  Researching, planning, prepping.  And I really, really, really wanted a summer "off" like I get paid for!!!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

What we take in to Disney Parks

I will be getting in my car in 19 days for a 12 hour drive to my happy place.  I am starting to get excited, really, really excited.  I have the feeling my Disney posts will be more frequent!

Today I want to share with you something that I've seen discussed over and over again, and that's what we take into the parks.  Some are minimalists, others carry everything but the kitchen sink.  We've fallen into the carry a lot group, but it's not as bad as it sounds, promise!

I was told years ago that the Baggalini messenger bag is awesome, and it is.  I absolutely love it for WDW! It comes in a lot of colors, but I chose basic black. The straps are comfy, it holds a lot, it keeps things organized! There is a zippered part on the back, too.  I keep the most valuable stuff in there since it stays close to my body!  My cell phone fits great in the section on the strap, keeping it handy for staying in touch, looking up something, etc. The picture is a link to Amazon for this bag.

FYI - You have to have your bags checked at every park entrance.  I try to help the guards out by opening the zippers and zippered pouches while I am waiting in line for bag check.

So, what's in here?
*** mini first aid kit.  There are first aid stations everywhere, but I keep one of these little numbers by Johnson and Johnson so I don't have to try to find one if necessary.  It has everything I need for a basic boo-boo.  I also put in a few pieces of moleskin in case a blister starts cropping up, and a few various sizes of safety pins, mostly in case of wardrobe malfunctions! :) I love that this little box will keep it all organized

**** Medicine kit.  This is a small zippered pouch that I keep in my bag.  I have a tiny box in it with a few adult ibuprofen and another with chewable tylenol for Little Princess.  I also keep a roll of tums and a few peppermints in here.  Sometimes, the food/ride combination leaves us feeling yucky.  These two will head it off pretty quickly.  I wear contacts that sometimes dry out on the faster outdoor rides, so I have a small bottle of drops in here.  Also keep a dose of immodium. Finally, I have a small eyeglass repair kit for DH, like the one shown below.  He's blind as a bat without his glasses!  All this can be found in the parks, but much faster and handier just to have it with me.  Honestly, this zipper pouch is only 2 inches wide by 4 inches long. 

***Gum - not sold on property!  Take it with you if you like it!  Again, great for upset tummies if you get mint flavored.

***Chapstick - no burned lips allowed!

***Our Keys to the World.  These are your park tickets, room card, dining plan, and charge card all in one if you are staying on propertyWe keep ours on lanyards.  Hubby keeps his attached to his belt loop, but I keep mine and Little Princess'.  We rely on this totally for money, with the exception of sometimes taking $10 or so for an incidental expense that might not go on the card, but most do.    (If you are going to Harmony Barber Shop in the Magic Kingdom, you can pay for the haircuts via room card, but not tips to the barber, FYI!) 

***Camera, camcorder.  If you have a small point and shoot, I read a great tip to put it in a travel soap box.  Ours wouldn't fit in one, but thought that was an awesome idea, especially for those water rides.

****Ziploc bags I put in a gallon and sandwich.  These are to protect items on water rides. 
If we are going to Animal Kingdom, sometimes I add a grocery bag to put my whole bag in.  You will get soaked on Kali River Rapids. There is a storage compartment, but it's not totally waterproof.

***Travel size hand sanitizer

***Travel sized pack of wet wipes - sticky hands, dirty tables, Mickey Ice Cream Bar covered faces.  I usually buy enough at the Dollar Tree to have a pack a day.

***Pennies and quarters for pressed penny machines.  Our daughters collect these, they are a relatively inexpensive souvenir.  We keep them in a M&M's mini container.  Note:  this can get heavy!!!

****Little Princess Autograph book and Sharpie.

***Ipod touch - the games and videos have been life savers in lines for Little Princess. That's about all we take to occupy her.  I also keep our ADR confirmation times and numbers on here and my phone, and I air share our touring plans excel sheet to my ipod.

***Health insurance cards and driver's licenses. My theory is if something happened bad enough for us to go to hospital, I wouldn't want to take the time to go back to the room for the cards.  I have a small card pouch that I keep buried in one of the zipper pouches for this. 

*Big Princess has a Vera Bradley mini messenger.  She keeps her key, camera, phone, gum, hand sanitizer, ipod touch, and autograph book.   

We also carry a "stroller bag".  
This will probably be our last year with the stroller, so we'll have to pick and choose what of this to take in the baggalini next year. We take a canvas shopping bag to keep under the stroller with other items.

To get on the buses or trains at WDW, you have to fold your stroller.  I recommend that everyone take a small bag to be able to throw things that accumulate in the bottom of the stroller so you can just put the bag on your shoulder rather than holding the stuff.  I've had to stand on a moving bus and hold a tired preschooler in my arms, while hubby stood and held on to the stroller and baggalini and Big Princess held the stroller bag.   Note:  you can have all your park purchases sent back to your room if you are staying on property at no cost.  We like to take advantage of this when possible, just keep your check out date (and how badly your child might want to play with something purchased)  in mind.  It usually takes 24-36 hours to get there.

  In here, we have:

*Ponchos I buy several at the Dollar Tree and take these daily.  Quick storms pop up almost every day in the summer.  They also help at Kali to keep you a little more dry.  We have nicer, heavy duty ones that we take with us WDW and only take them to the parks if they are calling for RAIN, not just chances of pop up storms and showers.

****Shower curtain liner and clothespins.  I loved this tip from the minute I read it.  If we park the stroller to ride or eat, and the sky looks ominous, we wrap the shower liner around it and clothespin it together in the back. It's saved Little Princess from having to ride in a soaked stroller more than once!  I take a couple of dollar store ones every year, and they really don't take up much room in the stroller bag.


***Glow sticks, light up spinners, etc. if we are going at night. 

****Water bottle - We always get the free ice water at counter service places.  We put it into a bottle immediately.  We got some years back at WDW that the screw on top is held on by a strap, perfect for hanging over the stroller handles.

****Spray Misting Fan - If you read my post on beating the summer heat at WDW, you know I advocate budgeting the extra $15-$20 on the WDW misting fans.  They just work so much better.  We do still take personal ones, but that one is truly the best. We use the neck hoop to hook over the stroller handles.

***Chamois cloth, sometimes called camp towels or swimmers towels.  These are great to wipe off benches or rides after a rainstorm. 

Honestly, I know it sounds like a lot.  But these little things have come in very handy to make our trips more magical.  I know people that head off with their keys and camera and go!  I pack the baggalini before we go, and take a ziploc bag of the extra wipes, batteries for fans, gum, etc. in my suitcase.  I also pack the stroller bag with the basics before we go, and put the ponchos and night stuff in the suitcase.

This blog is an amazon affiliate

School's Out Week 1: DANCE!

 As I mentioned here, I am trying to tie our summer activities around a theme for a week.  At home summer camps, if you will.  We'll still do other things, for sure.  But this will help me get in some things I pinned that I wanted to do, keep us active, and keep me focused!

As Little Princess's first ballet recital is Saturday, the theme is dance!  I have 3 workdays this week, we have dress rehearsal, a pool birthday party for a friend, and Daddy's home for Memorial Day, so this week won't be as involved.

Family Dance Party:  We have some strobe lights and a disco ball left over from the time my husband helped DJ a bit in his former job.  We'll set that up one evening and go to town!

Week long Just Dance marathon: Lots of challenges and mother daughter fun.  30 minutes each day to satisfy my physical activity requirement!

Night dancing: We'll hang some fairy lights, light some outdoor candles, dress up, and dance under the stars. 

The rest of the activities are pretty much geared towards celebrating the recital!

Books:  We have a lot of books in the house about dance, Angelina Ballerina books from the library.  After her recital, I have a special book to give Little Princess to commemorate the day. It's about working towards goals, and not giving up.

Arts/Crafts:I think I am going to send the supplies for one of these with the girls to do with my mom while I have my workdays.   

 This one is just for me to do, but looks simple enough.  It's from Secrets of a Super Mommy again, and involves a vase, a bobby pin, some glue, and some tulle.  Think I can squeeze that in.  It's a vase to hold post recital flowers, which will be a gift from Daddy.

********I love all the streamer wands/rings for dancing with, as does Little Princess.  Her wands are getting a little worse for the wear.  I am going to put some ribbons, some string, some shower curtains, and pipe cleaners in a bag and have Big and Little Princess work together to make them.  I was thinking maybe pipe cleaner bracelets, but I don't want to hinder their creativity.

I love this handprint tutu from Meet the Dubiens.  She has great instructions, too! 

Sweet little paper dolls

***** Big Princess loves photography, so I am going to put her in charge of a photo shoot the day AFTER the recital.  (Don't want anything to happen to the costume beforehand!)  I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

 Recital Morning Breakfast
The day is going to be very, very hectic.  But I want to start it off right.  

To decorate, I'll put out the white lace tablecloth.  I'll use my white milk glass cake stand and put a tutu under it for the centerpiece.  On the cake stand, I'll have some ballerina things I gather from the house.  We have a few Precious moments ballerina items - a snow globe and a figurine.  Maybe one of the ballerina books.  Going to drape the chandelier with a strand of pearl like garland left from Christmas.  Should be rather Pretty in Pink.  We'll also display their artwork from the week.

Going to snazz up our milk glasses with some pink sprinkles and paper straws.  Just regular milk, but this strawberry milk is super cute!:

We love these red velvet pancakes around here, but they are very rich and only for special occasions.  I'll use less food coloring, and hopefully end up with pink pancakes.

I am excited to have these activities that are relatively easy to put together ready to go for dance week.  If you have any quick and easy ideas, please share! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Favorites

In keeping with the alliteration theme, going to try to start a Favorites Fridays.  Moments, items, books, whatever is on my mind for the week.

Seeing the first lightening bugs of summer

Quiet early mornings while the family is in bed.  Just me, the dogs, the guinea pig, and good coffee.
My new VT Mickey t-shirt from a student.  Oh so soft, oh so sweet.

Watching my daughters' eyes fill with emotion as their school years ended.  As a mom, it told me that they had a good experience, and made me proud that they feel so deeply.  As a teacher, it made me remember why I go to work everyday.

Four day weekends as a family.

Watching the soon to be high schoolers play in the rain at their party.  May childhood live forever.

Cranking up my summer playlist on my ipod.  Eclectic mix, to be sure.  But it captures the feelings for me.  Some highlights:
The Wall by Pink Floyd,
It's the End of the World by R.E.M.
Drift Away by Percy Sledge,
 Knee Deep and Toes by Zach Brown Band,
 All Summer Long by Kid Rock,
Summertime, Kenny Chesney and Will Smith's versions.
Smile by Uncle Kracker.
 Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.  
In the Summertime by Rayvon/Shaggy
Beach Music Medley by The Embers
One Love by Bob Marley
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride from the Lilo and Stitch Soundtrack

That moment, when all you want to do is cry.
 When you feel defeated on all sides.
 When you feel like you can't do anything right.
When it seems that no matter how hard you try to do what is right, how hard you work to make things right, how emotionally invested you are, everything you touch seems to go bad. 
 When you are wondering if it's even worth trying anymore, and you can't see the rainbow. 
And the song you need to hear comes on the radio. 
For me, it was Good Life by One Republic.  That's our Disney song of the year thanks to the commercial.  It even makes little princess cry.  And it reminds me that even if it's feeling "hopelessly" I have a lot to be thankful for. (Don't you think the splatter paint for the cover looks like the Cinderella castle?)

Dreaming of this camera.  It's still a very, very, very big dream.  One day, sweet NIkon 5100, you will be mine.  Maybe in 10 years. HA!

Finally getting to read Jodi Picoult books.  I've read these two in the last month, and really "enjoyed" them.  The topics aren't really "happy-go-lucky" - a school shooting and Asperger's syndrome.  But I really enjoy getting into the minds of characters, and Picoult does that well.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I really wanted to cultivate an attitude of gratitude this year.  I thought I was doing better, until a friend pointed out that I am a pessimist this week.  So, to do better, welcome to Thankful Thursdays.  (It is Thursday, I think.  Wait.  Yeah, I checked.  It's Thursday.)

And I am making a no buts allowed rule.  I will admit that I am terrible about saying "I'm thankful for.... even if."  Or, "I'm thankful for... but."  New rules!

This week's Thankful Thursday:

*An amazing Lord who loves me despite my faults and gives me what I need, even when I think I need something else.

*Amazing teachers and staff that have given so much to my daughters.

*Amazing daughters who completed a year of school, worked hard, made friends, and learned sooo much about life, learning, and themselves.

*An amazing husband who shed tears over his daughter's elementary years ending, and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for her classmates at their party after working all day.

*An amazing mom, whose generosity and selflessness can never be outdone on Earth.

*Amazing parents of students who took the time not only to thank me, but to really think about me in their gifts.  A VT Mickey shirt from one, and a Mickey beach towel and other great goodies from another.

*Amazing in-laws who are always willing to help out.

*Amazing friends who I can always count on and call on, no matter how much time has passed.

*School's out!

*My car runs, my house is warm/cold when I need it to be.  My clothes are mostly washed and mostly fit.

*I have food in the fridge

*I have a job

*I can read, write, and speak.

*My children are healthy

*My Daddy is happy and whole in heaven

*I am going to WDW in less than a month

*My needs are met

*I am learning about myself and my family.  I am gaining focus.  I am working towards a goal.

*I have read actual fiction books lately!

*My coffee was good.

*My list for the day could go on and on and on, but I'll stop here.

School's Out for Summer!

 My daughters had their last day of school yesterday.  Tuesday was their promotion ceremonies.  I've been such an emotional wreck....    It's been sooo hectic with all of their celebrations, (I talked about them here and here) and my end of the year stuff for school.  I've yet to come to the realization that it's almost over.  I have 4 more workdays, then PARTY ON!

I had really, really planned to do some of the great things I had pinned for the last day of school...  Didn't happen. Secrets of a Super Mommy has amazing ideas for celebrating the last day of school, like this number/letter themed food, gifts, and signs!  You've got to check it out!

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

My Mix of Six also has a great beginning of summer basket!

Family Fun is also a good source:

So now I am in summer vacation planning mode!  I really want this to be a summer to remember. Big Princess is going to high school next year, Little Princess is starting K. Last summer, I did nothing but work on courses for my master's degree.  I want this one to be special!

 I am guilty of doing nothing but resting for a week, usually. And truth be told, it's been such a hectic two months, we need that. But, I want to be sure we don't get too lazy.   Plus, we have a great vacation coming up to Disney World and Vero Beach.  Need to start working on Father's Day. I have lots of great activities I want to do.  I want them to keep up with reading and academics.  I want to work on the house.  Crafty projects that need completing. 

I started thinking about a schedule.  My family thrives on them.  The problem is that my girls are night owls, and tend to get into a habit of staying up late and sleeping late, and then wanting a lazy hour when they get up on top of it!  

I had pinned this schedule that I think is a great guide and inspiration:

 I am not sure that I want to finally go this route, though.  I love the idea.  Don't get me wrong.  I might incorporate it somewhat.  But we tend to get out and go more than this on a typical week, impromptu plans with friends come up, etc.  

I know that on a DAILY basis I want to:
* Have the girls read.  30 minutes a day.  Scholastic has a great reading challenge program.
*Work on writing with the girls.  One idea I pinned was a summer journal.  Might be a great way to end each day!

*30-60 minutes of physical activity.  Not just moving around cleaning, but true exercise.  Swimming counts, lying in the sun with friends doesn't.  Big Princess and I want to run.  Little Princess would be fine to play on the playground at the park while we do.  However, I can't see her the whole time, so that's an issue I have to resolve.  Some can be fun and not necessarily thought of as "exercise" .  Thinking obstacle courses, running through sprinklers, walking the dogs, nature hikes, etc. 
*Daily household chores, and a focus for the week.  The focus will probably be mostly my job, with the kids helping.  I would love to do an extra project a day, but I'm trying not to be too ambitious!

*Academics - want to keep away the summer slide.  Need to do lots with Little Princess to get her ready for K.  Big Princess needs to work on Math daily!

So adding all that up we are at about 2-3 hours of the day for reading, writing, academics, exercise, and cleaning.  Guarantee my kids would groan at that!  Now I have to figure out how to incorporate the fun. I've seen a lot of bits of random fun.  Summer bucket lists, what to do now jars, etc.  Here are a few:

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

I love all these fun activities. And with Big Princess having received a smartphone for her elementary graduation, I definitely want to limit the screen time. I love this idea of each child having a set number of technology tickets for the week, and when they are gone, they are gone!:

And yet, the K teacher in me loves a theme, a unit, a connection.  A way to incorporate all the things I want to do in a meaningful way.  So I thought about theme weeks. I won't go into all the details for each one, this post is getting long enough.  But here's a preview of what's on my mind!

Week 1: Dance Theme.  Little Princess first dance recital is that weekend.  I have 3 workdays, so I won't be home much. I have a lot of cutesy art projects for Little Princess planned that are ballet related. They can play Just Dance, turn on the radio and dance, they love family dance parties with disco ball and strobe lights, we have dance books to read.  Dance theme, but without a lot of fuss! Wrap up event: recital.

Week 2: Beach theme.  Lots of sensory/craft ideas pinned. Several beachy decor crafty things we can make and decorate the house with.  A few beachy snacks.  Trips to the pools, local and grandparents.  Beachy books.  Wrap up:  Backyard Luau

Week 3: Disney theme We'll be packing, planning, etc.  Disney movie/meal a night.  Lots of possibilities!

Week 4: On Vacation!

Week 5:  Camping theme Lots of great ideas pinned for crafts, snacks, backyard campouts, nature hikes, survival skills, obstacle courses, etc. Wrap up: either backyard campout or real camping.

Week 6: God Bless the USA! All about Independence Day.  SOOO many ideas!

Week 7: Movie theme Watch favorite movies, make a movie, go to the movies, Movie/dinner theme a day, maybe go to a drive in.  Wrap up:  Backyard movie showing party!

Week 8:  Art/Mad Scientist Sooo many ideas for each of these, but in our house, they kind of go together.  Total process over product art this week, and a few experiments thrown in for good measure. Wrap up:  art party for girls' friends. 

Week 9: Entrepreneur week  Thinking about each day being a different "at home business"  Pet Grooming - girls help bathe dogs, etc.  Bake shop:  bake all kinds of goodies, deliver to neighbors, freeze, etc.  Restaurant:  Girls mostly in charge of planning, cooking, serving, and cleaning up after dinner.  Free days - girls pick a job/business.  Wrap up: lemonade stand!

Week 10:  Bucket List  This is my last week off. I actually might have to work a few days.  So this will be the cram everything in we didn't get done week.