Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursdays

I really wanted to cultivate an attitude of gratitude this year.  I thought I was doing better, until a friend pointed out that I am a pessimist this week.  So, to do better, welcome to Thankful Thursdays.  (It is Thursday, I think.  Wait.  Yeah, I checked.  It's Thursday.)

And I am making a no buts allowed rule.  I will admit that I am terrible about saying "I'm thankful for.... even if."  Or, "I'm thankful for... but."  New rules!

This week's Thankful Thursday:

*An amazing Lord who loves me despite my faults and gives me what I need, even when I think I need something else.

*Amazing teachers and staff that have given so much to my daughters.

*Amazing daughters who completed a year of school, worked hard, made friends, and learned sooo much about life, learning, and themselves.

*An amazing husband who shed tears over his daughter's elementary years ending, and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for her classmates at their party after working all day.

*An amazing mom, whose generosity and selflessness can never be outdone on Earth.

*Amazing parents of students who took the time not only to thank me, but to really think about me in their gifts.  A VT Mickey shirt from one, and a Mickey beach towel and other great goodies from another.

*Amazing in-laws who are always willing to help out.

*Amazing friends who I can always count on and call on, no matter how much time has passed.

*School's out!

*My car runs, my house is warm/cold when I need it to be.  My clothes are mostly washed and mostly fit.

*I have food in the fridge

*I have a job

*I can read, write, and speak.

*My children are healthy

*My Daddy is happy and whole in heaven

*I am going to WDW in less than a month

*My needs are met

*I am learning about myself and my family.  I am gaining focus.  I am working towards a goal.

*I have read actual fiction books lately!

*My coffee was good.

*My list for the day could go on and on and on, but I'll stop here.

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