Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quest for the Cape - Sundays

Sundays around here are pretty laid back, usually.  Church, lunch and afternoon at mom's, and then getting ready for the week ahead.

Today is a big day, however, for Little Princess.  She has her first ever recital pictures immediately following church, and then t-ball this evening.  Which means lots of running.

Add to the mix that hubby had to work 12 hours yesterday, which leads to some things that need to be done here that I couldn't do alone.

So while donning my cape today, I'm going to focus on God and family.  Even in the whirlwind day, I'm focusing on a relaxed state of mind.  Enjoying the moments, as they are fleeting.  Sharing the excitement with Little Princess.  Making sure Big Princess knows how special she is.  Grounding myself for the week, lifting them up for the week.  Connecting.  Nurturing all our bodies, souls, and spirits.

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