Monday, May 14, 2012

Fairy Tale Life

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  I'm still kinda... glowing.

My children made cards for me, Little Princess made a special gift in Pre-K.  Big Princess made a card with Mickey's in computer lab and a sweet poem.

But my dear husband surprised the heck out of me.  My family gave me a Pandora bracelet for graduation with a Mom charm and an owl/book charm.  For Christmas, hubby gave me a football charm.  Our "dates" all occur in the fall when we attend home Hokie football games together. We love watching the games with the girls for away games.  Yes, I like football.  For my anniversary, he gave me a love knot charm.

These are all precious.  But, for Mother's Day, he knocked it out of the park. I received this special, wonderful, amazing gift yesterday.  It's stunning, way more than I deserve, but the meaning behind this for us is what got me.

You know about my love for Disney.  Here are all the ways that this charm shows how he really GETS me and how it ties to my life as a mother, wife, etc.

* I absolutely love Cinderella.  Cinderella's castle at WDW is my favorite.  I have a castle collection - my souvenir from our trips always has the castle - photo frames, snow globes, coffee mugs, whatever.

* My all time favorite "parenting" song is by Steven Curtis Chapman, called Cinderella.  It's meant as a Father/Daughter song, but the sentiment is sooo true.  Get a tissue...

I know that my time with my Cinderellas is fleeting.  One day... hopefully in far, far, far future, when they are not at home anymore, I will look at this and remember this time in our lives. 

*My ringtone when my hubby calls is Someday my Prince will Come.

*When we are at WDW, I am just...... at peace.  In love with my family.  Enjoying and reconnecting with my family.   Looking at this charm instantly takes me to that time.

Oh yeah, he's definitely earned his ears.

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