Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day handmade gifts

I know for sure thought the girls are going to make these lovelies. 

However, I am not sure how.  The original idea swirled paint on the inside.  I'm afraid that over time the water would mess up the paint.  I am thinking about spray painting the outside, as inspired by The Colorful Living Project and then doing the handprint, each girl will get one side. I am thinking these are perfect - I have lots of jars, and both moms love to bring in flowers from their gardens.  As I am looking and writing, I do wonder if I will be able to get both handprints on one jar.

So literally, as I am writing this post, my mind starts whirling to other ideas.  I have a ton of frappuccino bottles, they're a guilty pleasure.  They would be lovely spray painted white, and possibly better as vases, truth be told, since you wouldn't have to have as many flowers.  No way to get handprints, but could be made adorable with spray paint, washi tape and thumbprint flowers.  Yeah, that's the ticket.  Stay tuned, I will take pictures and post about them!

Now that that's settled, on to other ideas.

My Mom loves peanut M&Ms.  They are her guilty pleasure.  When I saw this as a Christmas gift for teachers, I knew I would be doing it for Mother's Day.  Going to break out another Frap bottle, fill with M&Ms, chalkboard paint the lid, and modify and attach the poem given on the link for my Magnificent and Marvelous Mom.


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