Sunday, May 27, 2012

School's Out Week 1: DANCE!

 As I mentioned here, I am trying to tie our summer activities around a theme for a week.  At home summer camps, if you will.  We'll still do other things, for sure.  But this will help me get in some things I pinned that I wanted to do, keep us active, and keep me focused!

As Little Princess's first ballet recital is Saturday, the theme is dance!  I have 3 workdays this week, we have dress rehearsal, a pool birthday party for a friend, and Daddy's home for Memorial Day, so this week won't be as involved.

Family Dance Party:  We have some strobe lights and a disco ball left over from the time my husband helped DJ a bit in his former job.  We'll set that up one evening and go to town!

Week long Just Dance marathon: Lots of challenges and mother daughter fun.  30 minutes each day to satisfy my physical activity requirement!

Night dancing: We'll hang some fairy lights, light some outdoor candles, dress up, and dance under the stars. 

The rest of the activities are pretty much geared towards celebrating the recital!

Books:  We have a lot of books in the house about dance, Angelina Ballerina books from the library.  After her recital, I have a special book to give Little Princess to commemorate the day. It's about working towards goals, and not giving up.

Arts/Crafts:I think I am going to send the supplies for one of these with the girls to do with my mom while I have my workdays.   

 This one is just for me to do, but looks simple enough.  It's from Secrets of a Super Mommy again, and involves a vase, a bobby pin, some glue, and some tulle.  Think I can squeeze that in.  It's a vase to hold post recital flowers, which will be a gift from Daddy.

********I love all the streamer wands/rings for dancing with, as does Little Princess.  Her wands are getting a little worse for the wear.  I am going to put some ribbons, some string, some shower curtains, and pipe cleaners in a bag and have Big and Little Princess work together to make them.  I was thinking maybe pipe cleaner bracelets, but I don't want to hinder their creativity.

I love this handprint tutu from Meet the Dubiens.  She has great instructions, too! 

Sweet little paper dolls

***** Big Princess loves photography, so I am going to put her in charge of a photo shoot the day AFTER the recital.  (Don't want anything to happen to the costume beforehand!)  I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

 Recital Morning Breakfast
The day is going to be very, very hectic.  But I want to start it off right.  

To decorate, I'll put out the white lace tablecloth.  I'll use my white milk glass cake stand and put a tutu under it for the centerpiece.  On the cake stand, I'll have some ballerina things I gather from the house.  We have a few Precious moments ballerina items - a snow globe and a figurine.  Maybe one of the ballerina books.  Going to drape the chandelier with a strand of pearl like garland left from Christmas.  Should be rather Pretty in Pink.  We'll also display their artwork from the week.

Going to snazz up our milk glasses with some pink sprinkles and paper straws.  Just regular milk, but this strawberry milk is super cute!:

We love these red velvet pancakes around here, but they are very rich and only for special occasions.  I'll use less food coloring, and hopefully end up with pink pancakes.

I am excited to have these activities that are relatively easy to put together ready to go for dance week.  If you have any quick and easy ideas, please share! 

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