Saturday, April 7, 2012

Toilet Paper Tube Extravaganza!

Well, we all know "it" happens.  We all have these tp tubes.  Why not reuse them?  There are a blue billion crafty ideas for them.  I've tried many, and pinned even more.  Are you ready?  Start saving those little cylinders of fun, because I guarantee you are going to want to do at least 1 of these!!  Okay, okay, some are paper towel tubes, too.  You caught me.

Make a microphone

Make a roller stamp


Marble run, car ramp


Make a ring toss - original source A Little Learning for Two

Use them for counting practice

Make a bird feeder

Put them in a shoebox and organize your cables and chargers

Keep one in the bathroom for hairbows, clips, and bobby pins

Organize your pencils, pens, markers, paintbrushes

Start some seedlings

*Use them to corral cords when storing appliances. I love to use these for my hair dryer/curling iron.  I don't need the length of the cords in my bathroom.  No, I didn't get all the paper off this one.  Sorry. :)

DIY crafts to make showcased a collection of 40+ artsy uses for tp tubes.

Don't have enough ornaments/jelly beans, whatever to fill your vase?  Grab a tp tube 

Make a Christmas nativity

Make napkin/utensil holders.
This picture inspired me for Christmas, she used cardstock, but I thought it was a tp tube.  Other seasonal ideas:  Halloween- paint them orange, draw or glue jack-o-lantern faces.  Easter - paint pink or white, add bunny faces, pom pom noses, and bunny ears.  Let your creativity take you there!

Turn them into Pilgrim hats by adding bottoms, inspired by this pin

Make some Handprint Turkeys

Make heart stamps for Valentine's Day


8 Winter ideas here

Make party favors!


  1. Thanks for including our Paper Tube Castle!!! This is truly a fantastic round-up! -PlayDrMom

  2. Wow! There are so many great ideas here! I am going to use a few for sure!! Thanks so much for linking back to The Moffatt Girls. AWESOME post!

  3. Great round up Taryn! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  4. thanks for sharing, taryn! glad you liked it :)