Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's in your closet?

On my Spring Break list is cleaning out the closets -  linen and clothes.  This is usually met by protest from Big and Little Princess, they have so many things they "love" and don't want to get rid of. So I've gathered crafty project ideas for us to do with some of those lovable, unwearable items to keep them around in a different form.

The men's clothes ideas are fun, too.  I want to do some of them with some of my Daddy's things that my Mom kept after he passed away.

Old towels,sweaters, and shirts:
Fine Craft Guild has a great idea for cutting into strips and turning into a rug. 

Family Fun  has a great way to turn t-shirts into a woven rug using a hula hoop!

My World made by hand shows you how to turn an XXL men's shirt into an infinity scarf

Doughmesstic has another great scarf variation

Jersey knit t's to bracelets!

 Turn old t's to braided headbands!

T-shirt factory has great ideas to re-use old t-shirts!

A TON! of t-shirt makeovers here.  I am in love with the tote bags from t's!!!

Turn any clothes you like the pattern of into "fabric scraps" for these projects:

Pursewna  shows how to turn fabric scraps into a lampshade, I have a few outgrown dresses and skirts of my princesses that I love the fabric design that I am thinking about doing this with.

Design etc.  uses ribbon to make a wreaths. I used this for inspiration and made one out of some of my favorite outgrown little princess dresses, cut them into strips, and hung it on her door.  Very special memory of times gone by!

How about adding them to the wall for decals?

Totally kid friendly - decoupage the scraps over a balloon to make a bowl!

Turn clothes into fabric rosettes, and then use in MANY ways!

Make some mittens!

Or leg warmers/boot socks

OR pretty mason jar covers

Or pillows

Men's Shirts
Sew4home - great napkins made from men's shirts

make a lap quilt or baby quilt

Artstar by Aletha  has a great, quick idea for turning old ties into necklaces.

Good Housekeeping  shows how to make a great wreath for Father's Day from ties!

The Mayfly has a great idea for turning a belt into a wrist cuff!

Treasures and Tiaras had a great idea to turn pillowcases into classy memo board covers

Or make a bed in a bag!
Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

 Lone socks?
Make a snowman!

Of course there are puppets (no pic, but you get the idea!)

Turn them into an advent calendar (or just Christmas decor)

Or make some funky, mis-matched no-slip socks!

Turn into place mats!

Crafts by Amanda totally came up with a kid friendly re-purpose.  Cut that denim into strips, paint them, and turn them into awesome beads for projects.  Check it out!

What's your favorite crafty idea for repurposing clothes? I'd love to add it!

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