Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Princess Drama

Germs and snuggles
My little princess has strep.  This is only the second time in her 5 years to be on antibiotics, first time ever for strep.  She usually has 1 or less sick visit a year.  We are blessed that she is so healthy.  I took the last two days off, and we snuggled, a lot.

She's amazing, this little princess of mine.  Even with a fever and a tough case of strep, she never stopped smiling.  She wanted to be held, snuggled, rocked, and sang to like we did when she was a baby.  She wanted to lie in my lap and play with my hair.  She wanted to color in my lap.  She BREATHED on me A LOT!!

I'm not a germaphobe.  Teaching kindergarten, you can't be.  But strep is my nemesis. When I go too hard, too long, strep takes over my throat like a raging ball of fire with thorns.  But as most mothers do, I just snuggled away all the while praying for immunity. It's part of the sacrifice we make for our kids.  But I do have a plan to disinfect the house this weekend!  (The dr. said throw toothbrush away after 5 days, so I am guessing that 5 days is the time frame for killing the germs effectively!

And I did see this great pin awhile back, and thankful that I did.  Great way to keep up with the antibiotics!

NOT ready for this!
I also had to go to our school to begin the registration process for high school for big princess.  We don't have a middle school, our elementary is PK-7 and high school is 8-12.  So many decisions to make about curriculum that will eventually impact her college choices?  WOW.  I mean really, this could be life altering stuff....  We've started the talks about friend choices, class choices, organization and responsibility.  For me, this is a bit like everyone else sending their children to kindergarten, she's been at school with me for 8 years!

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