Sunday, March 11, 2012


Last fall, I found pinterest.  Here I am, 5790 pins later, and a better mom and teacher because of it.  But the only way to make that time spent pinning worthwhile is to actually do something I pinned.  Novel concept, huh?

Since Pinterest took over my life, I've been inspired to blog more.  I've found so many cool blogs through that site.  So, I've starting this one, changing the direction a little bit from a previous blog. The cool thing about it, totally self-serving, is that I am organizing my pins as I work on these posts.  Even with 32 boards, they still need lots of sub-categorization, because I am OCD like that.  I hope these posts will be helpful as a concise set of information within a specific idea for you!

Coming soon:

Disney family - tips and tricks for planning a WDW vacation, Disney movie night ideas, WDW favorites

Family Pin a day - Recapping the pin we did for the day, praying there aren't too many epic fails.  (Like when I tried to make string cheese fingers with pumpkin seeds in little bit's Halloween lunch.  Guess it was a little to realistic.  She vomited on the cafeteria table when she saw it.  Next time, I'll leave off the red food dye accent.) 

Kindergarten prep - as a 15 year K teacher, and little princess on her way there next year, I'll be sharing adventures in K land, activities from the classroom and at home to help her be ready
Tween/teen - the other end of my parenting spectrum - a 12 year old princess.  Hormones have arrived at our house.  Anyone else with an almost tween drama diva?

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