Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to actually do something you pin!

Pinterest took over my life.  Seriously.   Anyone else think it was created just for them?  I mean,  this is the best invention since the internet!  The worst part about it?  It has NO end. I just keep clicking, and clicking, and going to new sites, and clicking, and clicking.  I have 14 open websites in my toolbar right now that I need to finish going through and pinning all the things!!!  I love that I have found something for all my interests - cooking with kids, playing with kids, gardening with kids, DISNEY!!, Virginia Tech, baking, decorating, gift giving, holidays, parties. 

I had a realization that all this pinning was useless unless I DO IT!  The planner in me decided I need to manage this to turn all these ideas into reality.  SOOO...   Break out my favorite family organzier cozi family calendar .  This is a free service, that I have no affiliation with.  I just love it.  We created a family password, everyone can access, add their appointments, etc.  We get a weekly email with the calendar for the week.  There is a mobile app so I have all the information whenever I need it.  You can add locations to your events, notes, set up recurring appointments (cheer every Tuesday from 5:30-8:30, etc.).  You have to check this out.  There are also places to journal, create to-do lists, grocery lists, etc. etc. etc.  Oops, train of thought derailed again.  Back to the pins.

So I put in at least 1 pin a day on my calendar.  For example, I have many St. Patrick's Day ideas pinned.  I scheduled one for each day over the last week and a half.  I put the lunches, snacks, and dinners I want to do on the calendar as well.  Next week, I'll go through and start on the Easter activities.

I am soooo grateful for pinterest.  I have made so many memories with my daughters thanks to ideas I've found.  Little bit's 5 year birthday in January was her best, and simply because I incorporated ideas found on pinterest that took little or no time, but made a huge impact for her.

  See you there.

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