Thursday, March 22, 2012

Celebrating Spring with UP!

So I have these ideas brewing.  I love how Pinterest inspires me, and I usually take a few ideas and either change them up or meld them into a huge project.  Since I am in planning phase, the only pictures I have will be from pins that inspired me.  But I figured I should go ahead and blog the plans in case anyone else is inspired and wants to start planning  I'll add update once we complete it!

I saw this great pin and immediately thought Easter Egg.  I thought if each one of us made one, they would look stunning in an urn with some fern fronds. 

Urn idea inspired here:

I have a smaller urn on either side of my door, so I am planning to work on this ASAP!  If you've ever worked with papier mache', you know it's definitely a process, so I need to get busy if they are going to get dried and decorated to actually display BEFORE EASTER! :)

When I clicked throught the Egg post on The Imagination Tree, she turned this into a hot air balloon.  LOVE THIS idea!  And being the Disney lover I am, I immediately thought UP!  I love this movie.  It came out right after my Daddy died, and no one really warned me about the story line.  I cried through the whole thing, and still won't let my mom watch it almost 3 years later.  This pin completely describes how I feel about this movie:

Source: via Taryn on Pinterest

I loved Twilight, don't get me wrong.  LOVED the books.  However, UP's love story is sooo real.  I love, love these images from the movie:

So, after Easter is over, we're going to do Spring Break UP! style.  Here's the plan, thus far:

1.  Turn the Easter eggs into hot air balloons and hang from ceiling.

2.  In true Carl and Ellie style, we're going to "scrapbook" our Spring Break.  I'm ordering this SMASH book  and giving it to the girls for Easter with the plans for the week.

3.  Be adventure scouts and earn badges.  These badges, and pictures and souvenirs of the activities will go in the SMASH book.  Badge and adventure ideas:
*Help the Elderly - we'll go to Mom's and wash her car and/or the windows
*Reading Badge - they'll earn one if they log reading time each day
*Responsibility Badge - earn this one if they complete their regular chores without much grumbling/reminding
*Spring Cleaning Badge - earn this by helping me with my list of cleaning projects I hope to accomplish
*Cooking Badge - See below for the recipes and ideas!
*Exercise Badge - again, we'll log minutes that they are involved in physical activity
*Art Badge - I'm sure we'll find plenty to do! (Thumbprint balloons, sidewalk chalk art, cloud art with shaving cream, campfire art activities are the first ideas that come to mind)
*Photography badge for Big Princess:  I'll ask her to recreate this, and then let her imagination take over for other ideas.  Or put her in charge of the photo memory capturing of the project.  I've found that she will participate in something she thinks she's too cool for as the photographer, and end up joining in completely!

* Geography Badge - Thinking we'll check out Google Earth for Disney World, research somewhere they would like to take an adventure to, etc.
* Meterology/Science Badge - Since they float away through a beautiful blue sky, this seems like a great time to incorporate some other fabulous pins I have found. Making cloud dough for a sensory experience, science experience on making our own clouds, cloud parfaits, hovercrafts, blowing up balloons, make a barometer, weather discovery basket.....

*Architecture badge - I am still pondering this one (actually the idea came to me as I am typing).  Thinking either boxes and such, or possibly a gingerbread house?  Ideas appreciated!

*Nature Explorer Badge - I was inspired by this Earth Day hunt.  We'll go on a similar one, adapted to our area.

*Camping Badge: thinking we will do a backyard campout, if not all night then at least for the day and evening.  We have a little fire pit we can use.  Also inspired by these pins (this could double for cooking badge, and possibly even art)

*Gardening Badge: I need to get lots done in my garden.  I have many ideas - girls a fairy garden, bean teepee, sunflower house, plus we've got to get our square foot garden going.  Will have to prioritze.

*Pet Care Badge - Earn this by making sure dogs and guinea pig have food and water, etc.

And the final badge will be a celebration badge:  They will help me plan, decorate, and set up for a little UP party for the four of us.   Inspired by this tablescape, I think we'll do suitcases and the sweet bunting.  I'm a sucker for buntings.

Would love to display the house they make, but be a little more environmentally friendly (and yummy!) and use this idea for the balloons:

Disney Family Fun has an UP page with some great printables - like an adventure book and badges.  I might incorporate some of these ideas or use some of these badges. 

Honestly, a lot of these ideas came to me as I wrote this post.  I cannot wait.  I'm tired already, and realize the ambitiousness of this idea.  I have to help mom, clean my house, and work on the gardens.  It may be that we leave some for Saturdays.  We might be adventure scouts the whole month of April (A is for April Adventures?) But I think it will be a PERFECT way to spend Spring Break doing fun activities, with a theme for them all.  Of course, we'll probably watch UP at the beginning and end of the week, one to get us ready, one to celebrate what we've done.

And one final note that makes my heart melt.  While I was browsing through pinterest, I saw where someone was doing an UP engagement party.  Isn't that the sweetest idea?  I might have to get 2 SMASH books, and give each one of the girls their own, and throw them UP engagement parties in about 100 years and display them.  What a great idea of love.  :)

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