Friday, April 20, 2012

Back away from the laptop and get busy cleaning

My posts have been few this week, I apologize.  But see, I got in a cleaning/organizing frenzy.  And no, my house does NOT look THAT much better.  I even banned myself from Pinterest for the last week and a half - GASP!  What did I do instead?  Read about 6,000 blog posts on organizing and cleaning.  (Sitting with a laptop in lap does NOT equal organizing or cleaning!) Yes, I pinned some of my finds. Promise I won't turn this into an organizing or cleaning blog.  There are many out there who do it much better than me. Even if I already posted about Spring Cleaning tips 

Why the frenzy?  Well, Spring Break meant it was time to get my house in order.  I just finished my master's degree in curriculum and instruction in December, and deep cleaning and organizing were two things that I had to let go while I was in school and working full time.  I started by consulting my organizing and cleaning board on Pinterest, because I knew I had some ideas in there I wanted to do.  And yes, I did get a lot done.  But I have a two page list of projects I still want to do.  MANY could have been done already if I had put the laptop DOWN!

I thrive on routine.  I LOVE a list and a schedule.  I love to plan.  I'm not so great at following through, because I end up planning CRAZY stuff that when the time comes to do it, I realize how lofty the plan was, and scrap the plan.  Hello?  How wasteful of my time is that? Like my UP themed Spring Break.  Between the cleaning, the laptop, and the fact that my in-laws wanted to take the girls on a 3 day cabin mini-vacation, that will now be Summer Vacation UP style.  And you know what, it's more suited.  That was a classic example of my lofty planning.   OR, I end up staying on the computer waaayy to long for inspiration and ideas, and don't have the time to do it.

Please tell me that I am not the only one.  Please tell me someone else out there has looked at a blog post they pinned or bookmarked as a reminder of how I wanted to do something, and 1,000 clicks later have only succeeded in adding more to the list, not marking things off?  I mean, did I really need to see how 30 people organized their drawers?  There is not that much deviation there.  Unless a fairy is on my shoulder and sees it and does it for me while I am browsing, that's wasting time.  Such a waste of time, this tendency of mine to obsess on an idea.

To fulfill a shameless need to STOP beating myself up and hope for a better day, I'm going to share the great blogs that inspired me along the way.  So that all my "research" (sounds much better than internet browsing, right?) doesn't go completely to waste. So you can go obsess... You can thank me later.

Armed with a thorough list for spring cleaning from Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking, I started in.

I cleaned out and organized 20 kitchen cabinets and 5 drawers.  Yeah, we have a lot.  5 cabinets still on the to-do list.   I need to buy baskets for others, so I don't really feel like they are done...  A Bowl Full of Lemons has awesome organization in the kitchen.  Her Pantry, spice cabinet, under the kitchen sink and pretty much every other idea are organizational masterpieces.  WARNING - click a link, stay a while.

 Clean Mama (whom I ADORE!) has a checklist to get your kitchen appliances done in an hour. (Which only applies if you don't hang out on her site for 2 hours, like I did.)  I halfway did the dishwasher.  I want hubby here when I take screws out to clean filter, in case something goes wrong. I'm not the most.... mechanically inclined.

I am excited about this find.  This Mama is the go-to for all things laundry.  Stain removal, how to fold stuff, wash stuff, use stuff, organize your laundry room.  Great resource!

I did get a lot done.  I still have a lot to do.  But I'm way more excited than a normal person should be.  After all the hours on Bowl full of Lemons and Clean Mama, I am feeling optimistic.  All this won't go to waste.  Because after I get it all done (who am I kidding??) I'll be able to stay on top of it.  Becky at Clean Mama totally rocked my world with her routine, printables, and helpful hints.

I set up a new organization binder.  I made one several years ago.  But it was stuffed to the gills, and cumbersome.  It's still a great filing and reference system for me.  But I didn't consult it daily.

I set up a new system for weekly stuff.  A new binder that needs to be prettified.  Ordered a few printables from Becky  - her new Fresh Start Kit  is PERFECT if you want to get into a cleaning routine.  Now I have the school papers for the next month, cleaning routine for the week, a calendar of deep cleaning that needs to be done, and weekly-to do list, and menu planning guide (which works better for me to do for 2 weeks at a time) all handy.  And in a pretty little tote on my counter.  Which can also hold the mail that I need to do something with.  Grab the tote bag, and I am ready to get to work!

So now I have the routine.  I have the sites that I want to go to for inspiration to  finish the 43 things still on my to do list.  And now, I have to go unload my dishwasher and fold a load of clothes.  I. will. not. click any more links before work. I. will. not. browse pinterest now that I have opened the site for the first time in a week.  I will be a better manager of my time.  I took a picture.  That should hold me.  

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